Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a long time since we talked

Here I am sitting and trying to think what I should tell you first. I guess a followup on the cruise was that it was beautiful, exciting, romantic and great fun. Diving was the best and here is my favorite picture.
It's me and Crush! We also saw trumpet fish, manta ray's, urchins, eels, lobsters and an amazing assortment of reef fish. Chuck is such a natural at diving and he gives me confidence. I would love to retire so I could dive every day.
We also had a great time at the Valentines Day Dinner that I was lucky enough to put together with some great help from Anna Ciurca and Denise Sullivan. Danny Dunning also helped tremendously with the music. We had a great turnout and everyone said they hoped it was an annual event! That is pretty cool. Here are some shots from that night.
These were my awesome servers and they did such a great job. They also made some good tip money which would probably encourage them to help out next year!!
Here is beautiful Anna bringing in her homemade tamales, which were the main course. They tasted great and were a huge hit. She and her husband also were busy putting up decorations.
We also had a shower for Aaron and Chelsea here in Catalina and the turnout was great. We had 35! A real house full for us. They were honored with a lot a wonderful gifts and a very special cake cooked by a dear friend Etta Benaglio, who was in the room when Aaron was born! The cake was butter pecan and lemon. Beautifully decorated and super tasty.

I love this picture of "the Girls". Lisa had already left or the picture would have been more complete. We were missing Lisa and Christina. I think you are pretty caught up. Hopefully I can stay more on top of this. Have a great spring and maybe next year Wildcats.

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