Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back To the Details

This week has been more move preparation and taking care of the daily details of life. I've been packing up items to be stored during our time away. This means deciding what I could live with losing should something happen and that is not always an easy thing to do.

One of my biggest decisions is about my books. I have enough to fill three walls of my office and I am pretty attached to them.  I have pulled some of my collectables and old books and packed them.  Dickens, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Austen, and Shakespeare, many that are turn of the century (20th century) editions have so much meaning personally that I couldn't stand if they were damaged or lost. I read them over and over.

Took mom to Walmart Monday, saw the eye doctor today, tomorrow is emissions for the truck and the glass shop to order three new shelves for a corner cabinet. Happy!

I start at LA Fitness Thursday morning to start a work out program.

The one thing that has been really nice so far, now that I am not working full time is I don't have to try to cram everything into a couple of days on the weekend along with the regular things like laundry and shopping. Tasks are spread out and I can see a project, jump into it and not worry about neglecting something else. My wish come true and I am really enjoying the time.

I really like it!!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Just Like That He's Gone

Chuck is back in North Dakota. He left this morning at 8am from Mesa-Gateway Airport and arrived safely at Bismark. He said it was snowy and cold, as usual and he was ready to be back in the warm apartment.

We had so much fun together during his time here. One good thing is he will be back here much quicker this next time. Only two weeks to go. The time we were apart made us really appreciate every day together during this visit. We were able to get a lot of things done and made lots of plans. We have a clear direction for the next several months.

Last night we bunked with my sister Mary at her place in Glendale and went to "Toby Keith's" place for dinner. Her son Nick got a birthday gift from a friend that was specially ordered and as you can see by the picture he was very pleased.


We got to see my niece Stephanie and her family as well as meeting Nick's girlfriend Darlene. It was nice to be with family and Chuck really enjoyed himself.
Chuck was able to spend time with close friends and family which really made the visit very special. It also helped that the UA won their basketball game and stayed undefeated!
I've got more stuff to take care of and will be pretty busy until Chuck comes back.  But that will make the time go faster.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Being Selfish

I have had my husband home since late last night and today we have spent the day together. I haven't wanted to share him or his time here with anyone else. I have been selfish. Thankfully my friends and family are understanding. It has been a wonderful day.

Today we put earnest money down on a 5th wheel to live in while we are in ND. It is a really great RV with everything we wanted to make our stay comfortable.

We had so much fun together looking at all the models and deciding what we needed, how much we could spend, what the truck could tow. It will be a very nice place to stay and it has a fireplace!!

What do you think of Chuck's beard? It was a bit strange to me at first but I have become more used to it. He said it really helps his face stay warm so that works for me.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Am Overwhelmed

A huge part of this journey has been Chuck and I leaving the jobs we have had for many years. Chuck had over 34 years of service to TMC when he left there to work for R360 in North Dakota. It was hard for him to leave but he knew he was being led into a new phase of his career and is making the most of it.

He was given a farewell party and was surprised and humbled when Donald Shropshire, the CEO when he first started came by to wish him well. "Uncle Donald" as everyone called him had retired many years before but yet took the time to say farewell to a man he had seen grow up with Tucson Medical Center.

I was absolutely thrilled and blessed that my co-workers honored me with a farewell lunch at Lupe's in Oracle Junction on Thursday.

The appearance of so many well wishers kept me near tears most of the time. There were people whom I had known for a few months and others who welcomed me my first day almost eight years ago. It was a wonderful and heartwarming time. That they would take the time to be there was so special and the best part was that most of them wore green!!!! As the Queen of Green it was a treat that they gave me that gift.

What a wonderful memory for me to have. It was so special. Thank you all.

Ready For Chuck's visit!

Chuck will be here Monday, and we are both ready for it. It will be busy week with so many things to cram into a few days. We have two vehicles to license, a lot of thing to sort through both in the house and in the yard. We have half an acre that needs to be sorted out. We also are going to shop for RV's and fit in visits with friends and family.

Chuck is looking forward to spending time outside in the Tucson sunshine.  We will be making regular visits to Tucson during the winter months during our time living in North Dakota. Summer not so much :-)

I am curious what the reaction of the dogs will be to his return. Mocha has missed him I am sure. Cooper probably doesn't remember.

Sasha is most likely indifferent.

I am ready to have my man back here to hold onto. When ever we speak I always tell him I will be glad when I am there to take care of him.

He is fitting in up there and they are giving him more responsibility all the time. He is a hard worker and learns quickly. I'm glad for him, and even more so when it starts to warm up.

Spring comes to North Dakota in March which means it is in the 40's!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exit now

This has been a really busy week. I thought I would be able to start winding down and easing up yet I have had so much work to do. It has been interesting and annoying. I would have preferred to have this time to have my replacement shadow me so I could feel confident upon my departure. But there is no replacement at this time and instead I have to train co-workers who already have more than enough to do.  When my position is filled those same co-workers will have to take the time to train the new person.

I don't understand.

Anybody seen the program "Strip The City" on Science channel?  That is a very cool show. I love the visuals.

I know-random.

Chuck's insurance has started which is good since mine will stop when I stop working. Haven't found anyone to take Sasha. I guess we will torture her with our presence. Poor cat, she is stuck with us.

I wish my dad were here.
Yes that's dad with Tedi Bruschi.

Dad would love the idea of going to a new place and finding friends.  Dad could find friends everywhere. There was a youngness of spirit about him and a love of life that helped him overcome a very difficult childhood.  I miss him so much.
One of the things I am planning is a yard sale, we have over twenty years of stuff to clear out before we are ready to have the house ready for vacation renters. I will let everyone know when it happens. The hardest part is getting my husband to let go of things we don't need.  I am good at that but he is very attached to his junk.
Time to de-clutter!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The word is out here at Ventana that I am a short timer. It has been interesting to see the wide circle this information has traveled.  I've been stopped by individuals whose knowledge of my departure surprised me. I also have a lot of people who inquire about Chuck and how he is handling North Dakota. I tell them he is doing ok. He likes the work, it is hard but he is doing it. Being well compensated makes it that much easier to handle the shift work, the cold and being apart.

However, I am more than ready to be together again.

I am still trying to find a home for my cat, Sasha. She is 12 and I hope to find someone who would take care of her. I don't think it would be fair to her to make her move into an RV with Chuck and I and two dogs. She will have to stay inside because of the cold. She likes to go outside if she is so inclined, this would not be easy for her. If I cannot find a home for her then she will move.

Mom is having the time of her life in her apartment at Desert Springs. Her life is full and happy and she has a wonderful man in her life as well. When I look back I see that the path was first layed for our move when we found this wonderful place for her to live. Not only were doors opened for Chuck and I but we were shoved though them. Sometimes you just have to let yourself be led, directed and prompted.

We are planning to spend the next Christmas in Disneyland. I know it is weird to talk about Christmas 2014 already but it is exciting to know that Chuck and I and our children will have a most special time.

More on that another time.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Night Shift

Chuck has started two weeks of the night shift and I thought I worried about him alot before! I had outrageous and scary nightmares last night. I managed to sleep from about 10:30 to 2:30 and that was it. I was awake and restless. The dogs didn't even stir while I roamed the house.

My dreams were travel dreams with an unknown destination. In each dream there was a catastrophe - the earth would open up in the road before me or a mountain would start sliding down to crush me. I couldn't get away from the disaster happening in front of me.  My last dream was water gusing out of a hillside and onto the road underneath me. I woke when a voice said in my ear "Don't cry!" I felt that it was real.


I am exhausted. I stopped in once I arrived at work and bought a venti white chocolate mocha with soy and an extra espresso shot. Hope that gets me through the afternoon.

On a positive note, my coworkers want to have a farewell party for me! I didn't really expect this but it makes me happy.  I'm glad I will get to say goodbye to friends. I've been at Ventana for over seven years so there are folks I've been through a lot with.  I feel honored.

Moving forward.


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have always loved to sing. I have sung since I could remember, and it is my joy.

Today was the last day for the worship pastor at the church I have attended since 2001. He and I worked together to develop the praise team at PRCC and we learned how to share new music, adapt older music and draw the church into powerful and motivating music worship. He is an amazing musician. I have been blessed to participate in the process of making music with him.

The most amazing part in that he is the age of my son.

Danny was a kind of surrogate in a time where my son could not be with me. Our voices blend so well and when we sing in the same octave our voices sound as one.  It is awesome. I could depend on him when we sing together. We blend and harmonize without effort, and it is very special to have that connection as vocalists.

The band I have been part of was so terrific. God has used this music to bring people to the point of Holy Spirit empowered worship.  It has been a beautiful sound in absolute worship.  I thank God for the opportunity.

I don't know what is next.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm a recluse

I have discovered, since Chuck has been gone that I am a recluse. Without him here I tend toward being a hermit, content to hang out at home, to working around the house, and watching the Walton's on DVD. In fact I rather dread it if I have to go out. I've never liked shopping and I have a phobia about movie theaters. Even though I love watching football  I would rather watch it at home.

I can be social when being sociable is required and once I am in the middle of an event or party I will enjoy myself. The problem is getting me there. Rather than going out I would rather host at my home.

North Dakota social settings might be right for me.

The countdown is on to my last day at Ventana and Chuck's first visit. My last day is the 17th of January and Chuck will be here the 20th! I am so ready to see him.  It is so exciting to plan for the future adventures with him.

I am very ready to be able to look after him and make his work easier. I know he is a grown man but I also feel that he needs me to manage things so he doesn't have to do anything but wake up, work, eat and sleep.  To take good care of him makes me happy.

We talk often and Skype. He is growing a beard which I'm not real keen on but I will decide when I see him. He says the mustache keeps his lip warm, but I don't know.  I'm not much of a facial hair gal.

Still trying to find a home for Sasha the cat.  I worry that she will  have a hard time with the transition to ND. She is 12 and I think if I could find someone, maybe a retired couple, who would be willing to get to know her and enjoy her it would be better than moving her and her having to share an RV with two adults and two dogs. Will keep trying.