Thursday, January 9, 2014


The word is out here at Ventana that I am a short timer. It has been interesting to see the wide circle this information has traveled.  I've been stopped by individuals whose knowledge of my departure surprised me. I also have a lot of people who inquire about Chuck and how he is handling North Dakota. I tell them he is doing ok. He likes the work, it is hard but he is doing it. Being well compensated makes it that much easier to handle the shift work, the cold and being apart.

However, I am more than ready to be together again.

I am still trying to find a home for my cat, Sasha. She is 12 and I hope to find someone who would take care of her. I don't think it would be fair to her to make her move into an RV with Chuck and I and two dogs. She will have to stay inside because of the cold. She likes to go outside if she is so inclined, this would not be easy for her. If I cannot find a home for her then she will move.

Mom is having the time of her life in her apartment at Desert Springs. Her life is full and happy and she has a wonderful man in her life as well. When I look back I see that the path was first layed for our move when we found this wonderful place for her to live. Not only were doors opened for Chuck and I but we were shoved though them. Sometimes you just have to let yourself be led, directed and prompted.

We are planning to spend the next Christmas in Disneyland. I know it is weird to talk about Christmas 2014 already but it is exciting to know that Chuck and I and our children will have a most special time.

More on that another time.


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