Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have always loved to sing. I have sung since I could remember, and it is my joy.

Today was the last day for the worship pastor at the church I have attended since 2001. He and I worked together to develop the praise team at PRCC and we learned how to share new music, adapt older music and draw the church into powerful and motivating music worship. He is an amazing musician. I have been blessed to participate in the process of making music with him.

The most amazing part in that he is the age of my son.

Danny was a kind of surrogate in a time where my son could not be with me. Our voices blend so well and when we sing in the same octave our voices sound as one.  It is awesome. I could depend on him when we sing together. We blend and harmonize without effort, and it is very special to have that connection as vocalists.

The band I have been part of was so terrific. God has used this music to bring people to the point of Holy Spirit empowered worship.  It has been a beautiful sound in absolute worship.  I thank God for the opportunity.

I don't know what is next.


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