Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Being Selfish

I have had my husband home since late last night and today we have spent the day together. I haven't wanted to share him or his time here with anyone else. I have been selfish. Thankfully my friends and family are understanding. It has been a wonderful day.

Today we put earnest money down on a 5th wheel to live in while we are in ND. It is a really great RV with everything we wanted to make our stay comfortable.

We had so much fun together looking at all the models and deciding what we needed, how much we could spend, what the truck could tow. It will be a very nice place to stay and it has a fireplace!!

What do you think of Chuck's beard? It was a bit strange to me at first but I have become more used to it. He said it really helps his face stay warm so that works for me.


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