Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ready For Chuck's visit!

Chuck will be here Monday, and we are both ready for it. It will be busy week with so many things to cram into a few days. We have two vehicles to license, a lot of thing to sort through both in the house and in the yard. We have half an acre that needs to be sorted out. We also are going to shop for RV's and fit in visits with friends and family.

Chuck is looking forward to spending time outside in the Tucson sunshine.  We will be making regular visits to Tucson during the winter months during our time living in North Dakota. Summer not so much :-)

I am curious what the reaction of the dogs will be to his return. Mocha has missed him I am sure. Cooper probably doesn't remember.

Sasha is most likely indifferent.

I am ready to have my man back here to hold onto. When ever we speak I always tell him I will be glad when I am there to take care of him.

He is fitting in up there and they are giving him more responsibility all the time. He is a hard worker and learns quickly. I'm glad for him, and even more so when it starts to warm up.

Spring comes to North Dakota in March which means it is in the 40's!!

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