Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm a recluse

I have discovered, since Chuck has been gone that I am a recluse. Without him here I tend toward being a hermit, content to hang out at home, to working around the house, and watching the Walton's on DVD. In fact I rather dread it if I have to go out. I've never liked shopping and I have a phobia about movie theaters. Even though I love watching football  I would rather watch it at home.

I can be social when being sociable is required and once I am in the middle of an event or party I will enjoy myself. The problem is getting me there. Rather than going out I would rather host at my home.

North Dakota social settings might be right for me.

The countdown is on to my last day at Ventana and Chuck's first visit. My last day is the 17th of January and Chuck will be here the 20th! I am so ready to see him.  It is so exciting to plan for the future adventures with him.

I am very ready to be able to look after him and make his work easier. I know he is a grown man but I also feel that he needs me to manage things so he doesn't have to do anything but wake up, work, eat and sleep.  To take good care of him makes me happy.

We talk often and Skype. He is growing a beard which I'm not real keen on but I will decide when I see him. He says the mustache keeps his lip warm, but I don't know.  I'm not much of a facial hair gal.

Still trying to find a home for Sasha the cat.  I worry that she will  have a hard time with the transition to ND. She is 12 and I think if I could find someone, maybe a retired couple, who would be willing to get to know her and enjoy her it would be better than moving her and her having to share an RV with two adults and two dogs. Will keep trying.


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