Monday, December 30, 2013

Holidays Done

Finished a nice Christmas vacation spent with my children starting when Melissa arrived and we traveled together from Tucson to Ft. Worth, Texas. We were then joined by Aaron and Chelsea in Oklahoma. It would have been better if Chuck had been part of it, but he was on the phone and online with us regularly.

It wasn't the same, but it was him.

An update on Chuck: he finished his first 14 day work shift and now has a week off.  It will be a busy week because of many errands he has to run to start setting up for me to join him.  He will be researching banks, obtaining a PO box,  and finding an RV park to name a few things on his list.

When you go someplace new and think you have everything you might need it takes a few days before you realize half of what you brought was unnecessary and you have no idea what you really need until you have spent time in the new location.  Chuck is discovering this.  He is also discovering how inadequate a lot of cold weather clothes sold in Arizona are for REALLY cold weather. 

I am back at work now and this is my time to wind up, close out and finish up before I leave Ventana. It will be an interesting couple of weeks.


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