Sunday, December 1, 2013

The next thing on the list

We have set up the storage unit for our stuff. Now to start planning what goes in, what goes with us and what stays in the house. I gave some stuff to my sister and mom. Melissa will get some when she is out here at Christmas. We got some new footgear for the cold weather, and man is that stuff expensive.

I have about six Christmas decorations up, not really feeling festive. I plan to not put up anything that will be a hassle to take down without Chuck. He always bring out the tubs with the decorations and puts up the outside lights. I'm not into doing it.

We have been shopping for 5th wheels, and have found a place that has nice units and good prices. The dogs and I can't go until we have one, but we will be comfortable here and with so many people nearby I feel very secure. We have good neighbors next door who know us and family less than a mile away.

My best feeling it to have everything organized.


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