Friday, December 13, 2013

Tomorrow will be hard

The day for Chuck to head north has arrived. He will head out tomorrow, with my heart and a car full of things to help him transition to his new job, and new climate. I'm in the kitchen being busy doing the last of his laundry, finding things he can't locate and wondering how I will sleep tomorrow night. I have two faithful dogs and an indifferent cat to keep me company.

My good fortune is that he will be back soon, not like others who are deployed for months or years at a time. Yet 34 years of marriage will make this time apart feel like ages and my heart is wrapped up in his happiness. I have plenty to keep me busy...during the day.


We can Skype, email, text, Facebook and call. He has lots of snacks and munchies, drinks, CD's and a vehicle that has been checked from top to bottom, bow to stern, and found to be a sound mode of transportation for my love. His best traveling companions are the angels I ask God to send to protect him and a caring and all powerful Father to guide him.

I will cry.

Yes, I will and I don't care who knows. I told him I wished I could go right now, with him, and begin the adventure together. That is not realistic, but I don't care about realistic. I care that we will be apart, so if you see me and I seem gloomy or out of sorts you will understand and I will take a hug.


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