Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Bye TMC

Today is Chuck's last day at TMC, and the comments he has heard are about how happy he seems. There is a message there. He is the type of man who loves to learn new things and work hard. I know this is the reason for his excitement for the change. He brought home a farewell card from the lab staff and it was nice to see the good things people said, I think he was a bit surprised. They also gave him a gift. It is a door mat with the word "HAZ" on it!!  Cracked me up since he is the hazmat guy. He loved it and chuckled when he showed it to me.

I love the sound of his laugh. 

It is very cold this morning for Tucson, but my friend Danielle said "this is just the start for you!" Mocha and Cooper ran outside, around the yard, did their business and ran inside! It will be a big change for them.

I bought a Pea Coat from Miller's Surplus and man is that a warm coat. That gives me two wool coats. I've never worn a coat out so I guess we will see how long they last.

I woke this morning feeling really weird, and running plans though my mind.  Still a lot to tie up before Chuck's trip, and checking things off the list. We snuggled this morning just being quiet and holding.



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