Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Count Down

I am counting down the days now. I plan to move into the RV tomorrow night! It is so strange that my closet is empty and my dresser has nothing in it. I set aside clothes to wear tomorrow. I am about to get the rest of the bathroom stuff cleared out and clean it for the Boones. I will take out the kitchen and fridge stuff tomorrow.

My stomach has butterflies!

The RV is getting full and messy. Once I am living in it I can sort and put things away.  Lord this is a really good thing because I have to be brutal in what I leave and what I take.  More or less it is a matter of will this be expensive to replace or is it ok to have a duplicate? Thirty four years of marriage, and twenty two years in one place means we have a bunch of stuff. The items I hold on to are really different from Chuck's.

It will be a melancholy feeling to move out of here completely.

Lots of walking back and forth up the front door steps grab more stuff, down the front door steps up the RV steps dump a load and back down the RV steps. I'm getting a workout! I had forgotten how big my closet is. Now that it is empty I realized how much crap was in there. Now the sewing room closet is packed with crap. Bedroom is done, now the bath.

Sweating is good.

Ok, the bathroom is done except for the personal stuff I will take tomorrow morning after my shower. Wow, I'm very glad that I am this far. The only thing left is the kitchen and the sewing stuff which I just remembered right now.  I think I need to watch a Walton's episode to relax for a while. Still have some tubs to take to the RV.

I'm gaining on this!


Monday, February 24, 2014

It was one of those times

Things have been a little stressful the last few days.  On Friday I experienced something I never want to have to do again.  I was there when my young friend Tynan was sentenced to four years in prison. He is a good, God-fearing young man who gave into the influence of a person and drugs and did something he would never have normally done. My heart broke for the hurt and pain he endured as he accepted responsibility for his own actions and acknowledged that he deserved the punishment. I know God has forgiven him and will bless him. I'm asking that everyone prays that God will protect him while he is incarcerated, give him peace and comfort him.

This is my last week to live full time in my house for a while.  It feels a bit surreal. I've been cleaning and prepping for the Boone's to live here for a month.  I am really happy that the house will have people living in it.  I think I have the last of the stuff that need to be put in the storage building and now I will continue loading the 5th wheel.

My good luck is that because we are not selling the house I don't have to pack up everything.  Instead I just need to take out what I need. We will start out pretty lean and then as we find we need something either purchase it or on our next trip home we will get it from the house.  We hope to be here at least every two months (except in summer!) just to check on things and see doctors etc.

My son just called and he was telling me that his sound engineering work is picking up!  I am so happy for him and his growing business. He is getting his name out there and becoming known for his professionalism and fine work.  He is awesome.  My daughter is very busy with her teaching position but she is going to help me by editing a book I wrote that I hope will be picked up and published. She is pretty awesome too!

Chuck will be here Saturday!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moving In

I actually started moving into the 5th wheel! It was kind of surreal. When I took the first things in it emotionally impacted me. It was one more step toward being with Chuck. It has been nice to take my time deciding what to bring. I will be able to coordinate the color (green of course) of the kitchen and bath. I am definitely going to change the bedcover, it is a generic spread, and I want my own.

My house is clearing out as well. I've taken things to Goodwill, carefully packaged and stored keepers in the storage building, and determined what goes into the 5th wheel and what will remain inside the house.

I posted information and pictures of my sweet cat Sasha on Facebook. I am very concerned about taking her up to North Dakota. She is older (12) and has never lived anywhere except Catalina. She was born in Catalina.  She likes to come and go inside and out. She enjoys rolling in the grass and laying in the sun. She likes a quick romp up a tree and a lay on the railing on the front porch. In ND she will have to remain inside all the time, trapped with the humans and the canines. If she gets out I have no way to protect her from the cold and unfamiliar predators. This is why I am trying to find a new home for her.

A home that a mature cat can settle into.

Tomorrow I will tackle the office/library.  The shredder will be busy and the garbage can emptied frequently. It really is the last substantial area to go through. There are a few things that get stored but most of it just needs sorting and tossing. I am really going to like the simplicity of my house after all of this.

Thank you God for this opportunity.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

My discovery

This past week, well since Monday night, Chuck has been here. As anyone who knows me knows I was pretty much not available. We spent nearly every moment together doing what ever was planned whether is was cleaning up the office paperwork and files, putting things away in the sheds, sorting stuff, watching tv or cooking. It took us two days to get used to sleeping in the same bed!

I knew that I was selfish but it really became clear to me how I have become even more of a homebody and recluse. We did a few things away from the house like getting our RV, stopping in at LA Fitness and going out for Valentines Day but for the most part we spent most of the time together, alone.

In the mornings it was so nice to get up together, fill our coffee cups and go out on the back porch and watch the world go by. We would plan our day and not think about him having to leave at the end of the week, without me again.

This was the last time!

Our RV is so nice and roomy and after bringing it home we are confident in our truck hauling it easily the 1600 miles to North Dakota. It is parked in our drive and I will start loading it with a few things. One of the things I need to do is get dishes, flatware and cookware for it.  Not all pots and pans fit in the stove so I have to pick carefully. It will be fun.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

This House

As I have been packing things and going through the house I have been thinking about my feelings about leaving this house behind and living in an RV with Chuck. This house has been a gathering place for family times and a place where I have hosted parties with good friends. Lots of fun times have been held here and lots of joys shared.

However, this building doesn't really have anything special about it. It is the memories imprinted on the space which makes it memorable. I believe events and experiences leave their energy in a place. I can mark each space with points of memory.

The corner cabinet that holds Chuck's collection of shot glasses which show the places traveled. The piano we bought when Aaron was taking lessons. The daybed we bought for Melissa when she was young and my collection of albums and my turntable. The fan my father got me in Japan that Melissa had framed for me. Those things and all the photographs are where the memories are identified.

I won't long for this home the way I long to be with Chuck, even if we are living in an RV in a park in North Dakota. This home is special to me because of the memories held within it yet I will take memories with me when I leave.

We will have more memories to make in other places and with other people yet this place will hold the imprint of the lives that passed through it. I am looking forward to my travel at the end of the month. Even if it is temporary there is completeness in it.


Friday, February 7, 2014

It Was One of Those Days

Today started out so well. I had a wonderful morning reading my Bible, listening to a inspiring CD and then went for a long walk listening to powerful worship music on my iPod. It was glorious.

Then when I got back I starting feeling a very sore muscle in the upper right side of my back. I must have slept wrong.

Then when I tried to get out of the front door to take Cooper to be groomed Mocha charged the door and knocked me down. Very painful on my left thigh which was added to my back pain. 

Then as I was getting in the car to go get Cooper I hit my head really hard and proceeded to bring down curses on myself for being so confounded clumsy. Sorry God.

Then after I got home I took Ibuprofen for my head, thigh and back and then I fixed myself something to eat and proceeded to get an upset stomach.

All I want is for Chuck to be here to hold onto me while I have a good cry. Let's hope tomorrow is a fresh start. At least he will be here Monday.


Monday, February 3, 2014

One Day After Another

It is one day after another right now for me. I have been going through one room at a time sorting, cleaning and packing tubs. What do I donate, what can I sell and what get's tossed? I am starting to have a good collection of items for a yard sale. Chuck will be here on the 10th for five days and he has an area outside to go through, find items to discard, to sell and to store because I don't want to decide that for him. He knows what he has and what he plans to do with it.

While he is here we will buy the 5th wheel and bring it home so I can start packing it. There's a chance I may be here living in it for a few days at the end of the month while my friend's parents will be here. They will be renting the house for a month while they visit with Kevin and his family.  There is a brand new granddaughter to see along with a beautiful big sister to hug and kiss. It is such a pleasure to know they can use the house.

I've started working out at LA Fitness for this month. It is a month to month, no contracts so it works out well for me. I can also put a hold on it while I'm gone then start it up again when I come back. I like it, and it is very new and nice. They took the time to show me around, make me comfortable and set up a routine for me to do. If I'm paying money for it I will make the effort to do it.

Chuck got a little banged up this weekend. He slipped a few times and got some bumps and bruises. That is how he described it to me, no telling what it really looks like. I tried to take care of him by phone based on what he told me but it will be better when I am there and can make my own diagnosis. He laughed and called me nurse Nancy.

The yard sale is going to be the weekend after goes back and I hope the weather is clear.