Saturday, February 15, 2014

My discovery

This past week, well since Monday night, Chuck has been here. As anyone who knows me knows I was pretty much not available. We spent nearly every moment together doing what ever was planned whether is was cleaning up the office paperwork and files, putting things away in the sheds, sorting stuff, watching tv or cooking. It took us two days to get used to sleeping in the same bed!

I knew that I was selfish but it really became clear to me how I have become even more of a homebody and recluse. We did a few things away from the house like getting our RV, stopping in at LA Fitness and going out for Valentines Day but for the most part we spent most of the time together, alone.

In the mornings it was so nice to get up together, fill our coffee cups and go out on the back porch and watch the world go by. We would plan our day and not think about him having to leave at the end of the week, without me again.

This was the last time!

Our RV is so nice and roomy and after bringing it home we are confident in our truck hauling it easily the 1600 miles to North Dakota. It is parked in our drive and I will start loading it with a few things. One of the things I need to do is get dishes, flatware and cookware for it.  Not all pots and pans fit in the stove so I have to pick carefully. It will be fun.


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