Monday, February 24, 2014

It was one of those times

Things have been a little stressful the last few days.  On Friday I experienced something I never want to have to do again.  I was there when my young friend Tynan was sentenced to four years in prison. He is a good, God-fearing young man who gave into the influence of a person and drugs and did something he would never have normally done. My heart broke for the hurt and pain he endured as he accepted responsibility for his own actions and acknowledged that he deserved the punishment. I know God has forgiven him and will bless him. I'm asking that everyone prays that God will protect him while he is incarcerated, give him peace and comfort him.

This is my last week to live full time in my house for a while.  It feels a bit surreal. I've been cleaning and prepping for the Boone's to live here for a month.  I am really happy that the house will have people living in it.  I think I have the last of the stuff that need to be put in the storage building and now I will continue loading the 5th wheel.

My good luck is that because we are not selling the house I don't have to pack up everything.  Instead I just need to take out what I need. We will start out pretty lean and then as we find we need something either purchase it or on our next trip home we will get it from the house.  We hope to be here at least every two months (except in summer!) just to check on things and see doctors etc.

My son just called and he was telling me that his sound engineering work is picking up!  I am so happy for him and his growing business. He is getting his name out there and becoming known for his professionalism and fine work.  He is awesome.  My daughter is very busy with her teaching position but she is going to help me by editing a book I wrote that I hope will be picked up and published. She is pretty awesome too!

Chuck will be here Saturday!


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