Monday, February 3, 2014

One Day After Another

It is one day after another right now for me. I have been going through one room at a time sorting, cleaning and packing tubs. What do I donate, what can I sell and what get's tossed? I am starting to have a good collection of items for a yard sale. Chuck will be here on the 10th for five days and he has an area outside to go through, find items to discard, to sell and to store because I don't want to decide that for him. He knows what he has and what he plans to do with it.

While he is here we will buy the 5th wheel and bring it home so I can start packing it. There's a chance I may be here living in it for a few days at the end of the month while my friend's parents will be here. They will be renting the house for a month while they visit with Kevin and his family.  There is a brand new granddaughter to see along with a beautiful big sister to hug and kiss. It is such a pleasure to know they can use the house.

I've started working out at LA Fitness for this month. It is a month to month, no contracts so it works out well for me. I can also put a hold on it while I'm gone then start it up again when I come back. I like it, and it is very new and nice. They took the time to show me around, make me comfortable and set up a routine for me to do. If I'm paying money for it I will make the effort to do it.

Chuck got a little banged up this weekend. He slipped a few times and got some bumps and bruises. That is how he described it to me, no telling what it really looks like. I tried to take care of him by phone based on what he told me but it will be better when I am there and can make my own diagnosis. He laughed and called me nurse Nancy.

The yard sale is going to be the weekend after goes back and I hope the weather is clear.


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