Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moving In

I actually started moving into the 5th wheel! It was kind of surreal. When I took the first things in it emotionally impacted me. It was one more step toward being with Chuck. It has been nice to take my time deciding what to bring. I will be able to coordinate the color (green of course) of the kitchen and bath. I am definitely going to change the bedcover, it is a generic spread, and I want my own.

My house is clearing out as well. I've taken things to Goodwill, carefully packaged and stored keepers in the storage building, and determined what goes into the 5th wheel and what will remain inside the house.

I posted information and pictures of my sweet cat Sasha on Facebook. I am very concerned about taking her up to North Dakota. She is older (12) and has never lived anywhere except Catalina. She was born in Catalina.  She likes to come and go inside and out. She enjoys rolling in the grass and laying in the sun. She likes a quick romp up a tree and a lay on the railing on the front porch. In ND she will have to remain inside all the time, trapped with the humans and the canines. If she gets out I have no way to protect her from the cold and unfamiliar predators. This is why I am trying to find a new home for her.

A home that a mature cat can settle into.

Tomorrow I will tackle the office/library.  The shredder will be busy and the garbage can emptied frequently. It really is the last substantial area to go through. There are a few things that get stored but most of it just needs sorting and tossing. I am really going to like the simplicity of my house after all of this.

Thank you God for this opportunity.


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