Friday, February 7, 2014

It Was One of Those Days

Today started out so well. I had a wonderful morning reading my Bible, listening to a inspiring CD and then went for a long walk listening to powerful worship music on my iPod. It was glorious.

Then when I got back I starting feeling a very sore muscle in the upper right side of my back. I must have slept wrong.

Then when I tried to get out of the front door to take Cooper to be groomed Mocha charged the door and knocked me down. Very painful on my left thigh which was added to my back pain. 

Then as I was getting in the car to go get Cooper I hit my head really hard and proceeded to bring down curses on myself for being so confounded clumsy. Sorry God.

Then after I got home I took Ibuprofen for my head, thigh and back and then I fixed myself something to eat and proceeded to get an upset stomach.

All I want is for Chuck to be here to hold onto me while I have a good cry. Let's hope tomorrow is a fresh start. At least he will be here Monday.


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