Friday, May 16, 2014

Still waiting for internet

I hope that in another week or two we should have our own internet service here in the rv. This is what I am waiting for so I can finish posting my DC photos. I wish I knew when but I am learning patience.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

More DC pics

My trip had some very educational and inspirational points. Melissa always had some piece of information or historical fact to add to every place we went and the patriotism that accompanied these locales gave emotional credence to their establishment. What more can I say?

Day three:
In the foreground is the tomb with the eternal flame for John F. Kennedy with the Robert E. Lee House up the hill behind. A glorious day.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier changing of the guard ceremony was lovely to behold. The precision of the guards as they walked and turned and walked made me proud of my father's military background. When they changed the guard the way each movement was perfectly timed and executed it was just they way one would want those who are gone to be honored. I know that I wasn't the only one impressed with this ceremony. The crowd of nearly 200 were hushed and reverent, even the small children. The moment wasn't lost on them either.


  The National Cathedral has been the site of presidential funerals and moments of remembrance in times of crisis. It is also the place where President Woodrow Wilson is entombed and a stained glass window with a moon rock. 
The altar was so grand and ornate, but I think it might be hard to focus on worship in so grand a church building. Still it was full of history and art. That suits me splendidly.

This is the contrast of the contents of  the Natural History Museum. The Hope Diamond to the Wooly Mammoth .
We left for Colonial Williamsburg. That will come.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Washington DC photos Day Two

Our second day blew my mind with the immersion in US history. I was standing there in the middle of the nation's capital, surrounded by images I had only seen in media.

My heart pounded as we walked into the capital rotunda and stared up at the dome, and the Library of Congress was magic. I was looking at the building Thomas Jefferson built!  I saw his own personal library he sold to the government to pay his debts.  I LOVE BOOKS, and these were the ones he held in his hands.

Books everywhere. I would love to spend hours going through the shelves of these remarkable volumes.

Miss Vaughn, history teacher and a virtual history encyclopedia.

Then to sit in the room where the Supreme Court bench was located in pews which had been there from the beginning was so moving.  I felt so special to sit there with my daughter, also a history lover, and share this experience was a mountain top.

Then we saw the White House and it is beautiful. I was proud that it has been the home of every president except George Washington-more about him later.

Yes, that's me in front of the White House!

The only one more beautiful than the White House is my daughter.


That night we went to the Marine Corp Memorial also known as the Iwo Jima memorial. Wow!

Day Three is next.


It's different up here

My time here has taught me to be happy and thankful in all circumstances. We have faced many things which at home I would not have tolerated. The lack of running water for nearly two months. That we have had no television, internet or radio either.

At home (Tucson) I would have had someone out immediately with little more bother to myself than a phone call. Now any effort requires a minimum of a phone call and perhaps a walk to the office to find out who is the responsible party and then make that contact and proceed again.

I am out of my comfort zone and I am the new person. The interloper and stranger who is pushing their way into the unknown. It can be exciting but also a bit of a trial.

But now I have running hot and cold water, as well as  post office box, perfectly working sewer, a church I am enjoying, vehicles working very well at present, and the promise of internet within a couple of weeks.

Happy for me I will get a pedicure and eyebrow waxing today!

Well it is obvious that I didn't get that posted promptly. I hope we have internet service soon. We have arrived for a short visit to Catalina. There is work to do around the yard, sorting and picking out what we will bring back, and seeing family and friends.

Perhaps the next visit will be longer.


The Promised Photos of Washington DC

I am very excited to share the photo's taken during my wonderful adventure with the group from West Valley Christian School as they toured the capital area.

Day One:

The Vietnam Memorial was so special and moving for me. I remember so well when my father was there and worrying about him. The soldiers above represent the ones who came back and are facing the wall with the names of those KIA and MIA.

This was a dream come true to see the Lincoln Monument.

This is the view Lincoln has of the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument. Stunning.

This one took my breath away. It is the Korean Memorial. The patrol is passing by on alert.
Each face is different and each one is poised for attack. I think it was my favorite of the day.
Day Two tomorrow.