Friday, May 2, 2014

Washington DC photos Day Two

Our second day blew my mind with the immersion in US history. I was standing there in the middle of the nation's capital, surrounded by images I had only seen in media.

My heart pounded as we walked into the capital rotunda and stared up at the dome, and the Library of Congress was magic. I was looking at the building Thomas Jefferson built!  I saw his own personal library he sold to the government to pay his debts.  I LOVE BOOKS, and these were the ones he held in his hands.

Books everywhere. I would love to spend hours going through the shelves of these remarkable volumes.

Miss Vaughn, history teacher and a virtual history encyclopedia.

Then to sit in the room where the Supreme Court bench was located in pews which had been there from the beginning was so moving.  I felt so special to sit there with my daughter, also a history lover, and share this experience was a mountain top.

Then we saw the White House and it is beautiful. I was proud that it has been the home of every president except George Washington-more about him later.

Yes, that's me in front of the White House!

The only one more beautiful than the White House is my daughter.


That night we went to the Marine Corp Memorial also known as the Iwo Jima memorial. Wow!

Day Three is next.


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