Saturday, May 3, 2014

More DC pics

My trip had some very educational and inspirational points. Melissa always had some piece of information or historical fact to add to every place we went and the patriotism that accompanied these locales gave emotional credence to their establishment. What more can I say?

Day three:
In the foreground is the tomb with the eternal flame for John F. Kennedy with the Robert E. Lee House up the hill behind. A glorious day.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier changing of the guard ceremony was lovely to behold. The precision of the guards as they walked and turned and walked made me proud of my father's military background. When they changed the guard the way each movement was perfectly timed and executed it was just they way one would want those who are gone to be honored. I know that I wasn't the only one impressed with this ceremony. The crowd of nearly 200 were hushed and reverent, even the small children. The moment wasn't lost on them either.


  The National Cathedral has been the site of presidential funerals and moments of remembrance in times of crisis. It is also the place where President Woodrow Wilson is entombed and a stained glass window with a moon rock. 
The altar was so grand and ornate, but I think it might be hard to focus on worship in so grand a church building. Still it was full of history and art. That suits me splendidly.

This is the contrast of the contents of  the Natural History Museum. The Hope Diamond to the Wooly Mammoth .
We left for Colonial Williamsburg. That will come.


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