Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Count Down

I am counting down the days now. I plan to move into the RV tomorrow night! It is so strange that my closet is empty and my dresser has nothing in it. I set aside clothes to wear tomorrow. I am about to get the rest of the bathroom stuff cleared out and clean it for the Boones. I will take out the kitchen and fridge stuff tomorrow.

My stomach has butterflies!

The RV is getting full and messy. Once I am living in it I can sort and put things away.  Lord this is a really good thing because I have to be brutal in what I leave and what I take.  More or less it is a matter of will this be expensive to replace or is it ok to have a duplicate? Thirty four years of marriage, and twenty two years in one place means we have a bunch of stuff. The items I hold on to are really different from Chuck's.

It will be a melancholy feeling to move out of here completely.

Lots of walking back and forth up the front door steps grab more stuff, down the front door steps up the RV steps dump a load and back down the RV steps. I'm getting a workout! I had forgotten how big my closet is. Now that it is empty I realized how much crap was in there. Now the sewing room closet is packed with crap. Bedroom is done, now the bath.

Sweating is good.

Ok, the bathroom is done except for the personal stuff I will take tomorrow morning after my shower. Wow, I'm very glad that I am this far. The only thing left is the kitchen and the sewing stuff which I just remembered right now.  I think I need to watch a Walton's episode to relax for a while. Still have some tubs to take to the RV.

I'm gaining on this!


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