Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thursday March 6th

The truck with Chuck, me and Cooper will pull out tomorrow morning towing our RV and the hopes of dreams of adventure and challenges that will test who we are individually and as a couple. God is in charge.

I told Chuck tonight I was excited and nervous about leaving.

The house will be looked after and we have found good homes for Mocha and Sasha. Mocha was adopted by a wonderful family with three children 8, 13, and 15. Their dog had died and they were looking for a dog. They fell in love with her instantly and she was doing well in their home the last I heard.

Sasha went to live with my nephew Kris to help with the rodent population at his house. She will have the run of his house, garage and property. She is after all a Catalina cat.

Cooper is coming with us. He will need a heavy sweater and booties for his skinny little body to survive the cold. He is wondering where the other guys are.

Time to get ready to sleep and dream of highways and rest stops. Pray for our travels.


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