Saturday, March 15, 2014

it has been difficult

So many things have happened since we left Tucson. Most of it is ok. Just into Wyoming we had to detour into Nebraska because of high wind gusts in excess of 65mph that closed our original route. In Nebraska we found the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge and Scenic River Area. It was a very interesting place because it is not a high traffic spot but the views and history was very cool.


This trail with the river rapid was so lovely but I kept thinking it will be spectacular in the spring. Nebraska had some wonderful scenery and surprises.

We were off of our schedule because of the detour so we called my son's in law's in Bismark ND to see if we could park in their driveway for Monday night and were told to come on over. Once we were there we were welcomed with a meal and our own room!! Byron and Georgia Bedwell treated us so warmly and with the best of hospitality and made the rest of the trip much more bearable.

However, twenty miles from Tioga we stopped to fill up our truck and when we tried to leave the truck would not start.  It would crank but would not start! We were sitting in a sick F250 diesel truck attached to a 33ft 5th wheel trailer in the diesel fuel bay and could no go anywhere.

I called Geico and spoke to Brittany Soloman who spent the next hour arranging for a towing company to tow the truck to a mechanic and the trailer to the RV park. AW Towing in New Town ND has two guys named Dave and Mark who were the most amazing and caring guys.

The trailer was moved into the space and we started hooking it up only to find out that the sewer connection was frozen over and blocked up!! The towing guys had left so no one was there to move us into a better spot. The water connection was also frozen but that is fixable.

Ok, we have electricity and propane. We cannot dump any of our holding tanks so we don't run water except to flush the toilet and brush our teeth.  We have been going to the company apartment that Chuck has been living in to shower and do laundry. No dishes-paper and plastic everything. This is like camping only with an electric fireplace.

The weather since we have been here has been very good actually. Sunshine, clear skies and warm for Tioga, 30-40 degrees. However this morning we woke to over cast skies and snow.

This is Tioga snow, very dry and small flakes.
It will be like this all day today and then will clear up and warm up tomorrow and the rest of the week. We need to get the truck fixed and that is proving difficult with the local mechanic. It looks like we will have to get it towed to the Ford Dealer in Stanley ND and hope they can get it fixed next week.
We need the truck to get the skirting for the trailer and put up a mud room. We also will move from the space we are in to one that works.
We have depended on God for protection and guidance and I know He is covering us. I am also amazed at my husband and how hard he is working to get this worked out. He is an awesome man.
Until the next time I come into the Pinnacle/Cenex truck stop for wifi I am signing off.

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