Saturday, March 8, 2014

The journey has started.

Chuck and I are sitting in our trailer at an RV park in La Veta, CO with about 6" of snow on the grown and snow slowly falling outside.  We had wanted to do a bit of exploring but the weather changed now we are a bit house bound.

Yesterday we went to Capulin Volcano National Monument in Capulin NM. We dropped the trailer and drove up to the top of the cinder cone. While walking the path down the cone to the vent in the center we saw at least a dozen deer grazing. We heard their calls and observed them walking a trail on the inside of the cinder cone.

Look at the upper left to see the two deer that approached us.  The next two were standing near us and we were sort of surprised to see them.

This is a perspective on where we stood in the two pics above. We were down in the floor of the volcano. It is not exstinct or dormant, but inactive. It is full of chokecherry and oak.
We left there and headed north to La Veta, Colorado which was on destination of a couple of nights. Our plan was to explore this area which neither of us had ever visited.  When we crossed the Raton Pass (7400') it was rain mixed with snow. We came down out of that but it was obvious moisture was in our future. Sure enough by the time we went to bed snow was falling heavily and woke this morning to about 6" of snow and more falling lightly.
I'm really glad I got these fur lined rubber boots!

Thank you God for an engine block heater for the big truck.

Cooper discovered it was easier to do his business under the trailer. Watch out for yellow snow!!

Now for a shower and making plans for the day.

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