Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm still here

While I am spending my second night alone while Chuck is pulling a night shift I loaded up my phone as a mobile hotspot so I could share a brief post. This bumps the data charges on my bill so here is the 411.

We have no tv, have to buy the DISH equipment and that will be a few more days until that works but that's ok I have been reading, cleaning and watching movies.

Also trying to get Cooper to understand the concept of doing his outdoor business as quickly as possible in freezing weather. He doesn't understand that we are not going for half hour long strolls through the RV park at his whim.

Consequently his trips have to be strategic. He goes out twice a day which encourages him to "get 'erdone!"

The trailer is really great. However the sewer connection is still frozen.. If we had our truck we could move it to a different lot that works and...problem solved. However the truck is still being repaired locally since the closest Ford dealership in Stanley ND isn't available to work on it until ...ready...early April!

We have one working vehicle which Chuck needs to go to work so unless he is home I have to  plan  my activities accordingly.  Nobody said it would be easy.

I read that through the storms of life we can see the light of God through the clouds. I am holding onto this steadfastly.

Chuck and I are getting into a daily pattern and this is reassuring. He is very disappointed in what has happened but, like me he is making the best of it. He is my rock and security. I love him so much.


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