Sunday, February 9, 2014

This House

As I have been packing things and going through the house I have been thinking about my feelings about leaving this house behind and living in an RV with Chuck. This house has been a gathering place for family times and a place where I have hosted parties with good friends. Lots of fun times have been held here and lots of joys shared.

However, this building doesn't really have anything special about it. It is the memories imprinted on the space which makes it memorable. I believe events and experiences leave their energy in a place. I can mark each space with points of memory.

The corner cabinet that holds Chuck's collection of shot glasses which show the places traveled. The piano we bought when Aaron was taking lessons. The daybed we bought for Melissa when she was young and my collection of albums and my turntable. The fan my father got me in Japan that Melissa had framed for me. Those things and all the photographs are where the memories are identified.

I won't long for this home the way I long to be with Chuck, even if we are living in an RV in a park in North Dakota. This home is special to me because of the memories held within it yet I will take memories with me when I leave.

We will have more memories to make in other places and with other people yet this place will hold the imprint of the lives that passed through it. I am looking forward to my travel at the end of the month. Even if it is temporary there is completeness in it.


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