Friday, December 20, 2013

It's been a week-almost!

My honey has been gone almost a week, he left last Saturday and I have survived. He has called each night, and thanks to Verizon for their cell phone coverage. We have no problem connecting.

This has been a hard, busy and emotional week for me. I've had a couple of nights that were melancholy and I was a bit blue missing him. I have been busy trying to get lose ends tied up before the Christmas break. A co-worker lost her spouse Tuesday morning, another co-worker lost her Grandfather and had to have her dog euthanized. Sasha moved into mom's apartment for the next week. The dogs will be in a kennel (thankfully together) starting this afternoon. I remembered to put the garbage out and to get coffee ready for the mornings.

With Chuck here all of this would have been easier. The stresses are part of life, but it is just easier with a beloved partner. I've been waking earlier and earlier and cannot get back to sleep, so I wander the house doing chores, feeding and letting the dogs out, checking emails, getting ready for work.

But Melissa is coming to town!

I am very excited to see Aaron and Chelsea and to have the distractions of a holiday season with them and their activities. The family time will be so wonderful and fulfilling. Hope they like their Christmas presents. Time to keep busy, and listen to Christmas music. 

Fa la la la la.


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