Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'ts fun, but not the same

I've been here for a few days and I absolutely love being with my kids, but it is just different without my husband. As the days have gone on I increasingly feel the loss of his presence. My beloved children are wonderful and I love being with them, but Chuck makes me feel complete, safe and happy. If it is in my power I will never be apart from him again. Not for this much time and distance. Hunting and fishing trips are one thing, but even though this is ultimately a good thing, I won't do it again.

He is enduring in the cold north. Only five days until his first week long break, well deserved and very needed. It is taking everything I have not to go to him.  I feel this challenge is going to change him somehow and I would rather be with him while it happens. Then this change/adjustment would be part of both of us.

We have worked hard at our life together, and like a roller coaster, it has been full of high and lows. The one constant is our doing our life together. He is amazing.

Being a bit dull here, sorry.

Coming up over the next three days is two new movies (yes I will actually go into a movie theater), Christmas Eve gifts, Christmas Day at the Prough's, getting my new car, and a Dr. Who marathon and Christmas special.

Chuck would love all this.

Give to Wounded Warrior's.


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