Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving coma

Ok, the food was consumed, the dishes done and the traditional Vaughn Thanksgiving football game survived by the players. Now the television is playing football games that we wake from naps to catch the score and then go back to sleep.

We had so much fun today with 13 people around the table and lots of laughing and story telling. Great music playing with singing and dancing. The family had a very special time and I was glad to share the day with everyone. This is Chucks last holiday with family for a while.

The support of family will be important while I am here without my honey. It has been fun to be with mom's friend Bob, he is a lot of fun and fits right into the crowd. Kris and Heather's kids are getting so big. I remember the Thanksgiving day when Trinity was in a high chair and Austin was in the tall stool. Now they are so grown up.

Gave some stuff to Mary and Mom to take with them to start clearing out the stuff.  Time to start planning the yard sale.

Happy Thanksgiving to the troops serving all over the world. Thank you for your service.


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