Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Change In the Air

Sometimes it takes the chance of a change to make the things that have kept you in one place seem unimportant. My husband has the chance to make a big change in his career and thus our lives.  Not only is it a change in jobs, but it is also a change in location, style of living and proximity to family. It is a move to a place I've never been with climate as opposite as possible from Tucson.

North Dakota.

Ok, I can do this.  The move for him will happen sooner than my move due to living accommodations. He can live for free in company apartments that are set up for singles only.  Once we are able to set up house for both of us and the dogs I will join him.  I am not looking forward to being a bachelor for a couple of months, and there is much to get ready before he leaves. 

At my age I wonder how I will make this transition? I'm not young, but certainly not old, yet things will be very different. We have grand plans for this time and the money we can make. I hope for stability and freedom after this experience. It will be profound and unsettling, exciting and challenging and will test us in our ability to adapt. For our relationship we will depend on each other more than we already do and I'm sure the encouragement we give each other and our mutual faith in God will be foundational in finishing this course of life.

My children are excited for us and I think a bit concerned. We will keep our home in Tucson for the time being, it will be the touchstone for us as we abide 1800 miles away. I won't have to sell my possession, store the keepsakes and put myself out there with no home base.

So here we go-our adventures are ahead.


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