Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all about greed!

I am appalled at the NFL talks. Who do these guys think they are? They make entirely too much money, and that includes NBA and MLB players as well. They play a game. Just a game. Their skill at this game does nothing to improve humanity. Instead it creates the opportunity for many of these idiots to get away with acts which the rest of us would never have the chance of escaping punishment. The average salary for a teacher, engineer or scientist is minimal in comparison and the impact on the community is immeasurable. These athletes are greedy, narcisistic, immoral and have no redeeming factors other than the fact that they can play a game. I admit there are a few of them who have shown themselves to be above the others, however they are in the majority. I just read of a player for the Vikings who blew $100k on a party! How many children who are starving and freezing in Minnesota could have been fed and clothes by that money? I like football as much as the next person but this situation with overpaid athletes is intolerable and until we, the individual fan, quit paying the prices for tickets this will not stop. These people are NOT heros!!!

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