Monday, November 18, 2013

Making plans

Its hard to make plans when we don't have a start date. My husband is ready to make the transition and I am ready to support him. There are things in process which are part of the preparation for relocating and should it all fall apart these are good things to have done. I'm really enjoying the whole activity, and as items come up there are long and short terms plans to make. Something as simple as what do I do with cleaning supplies really takes thought. Bigger things like what do I do with my plants really involves a lot more preparation.

Chuck has been daily doing home maintenance and improvements while he waits and ponders his future. He has much to meditate on where his work task transitions are concerned.

I woke this morning to the sound of him texting and when I aksed him what he was doing he indicated he was communicatiing with his contact  in North Dakota. Wow!

Holiday plans which in the past were easy to make have been compromised by this lack of a start date. We were skyping with Melissa last night and as we tried to plan Christmas travel there are contengencies for every option. We will get through  it. My philosphy is "A year from now I won't be thinking of this". 


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