Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Am Overwhelmed

A huge part of this journey has been Chuck and I leaving the jobs we have had for many years. Chuck had over 34 years of service to TMC when he left there to work for R360 in North Dakota. It was hard for him to leave but he knew he was being led into a new phase of his career and is making the most of it.

He was given a farewell party and was surprised and humbled when Donald Shropshire, the CEO when he first started came by to wish him well. "Uncle Donald" as everyone called him had retired many years before but yet took the time to say farewell to a man he had seen grow up with Tucson Medical Center.

I was absolutely thrilled and blessed that my co-workers honored me with a farewell lunch at Lupe's in Oracle Junction on Thursday.

The appearance of so many well wishers kept me near tears most of the time. There were people whom I had known for a few months and others who welcomed me my first day almost eight years ago. It was a wonderful and heartwarming time. That they would take the time to be there was so special and the best part was that most of them wore green!!!! As the Queen of Green it was a treat that they gave me that gift.

What a wonderful memory for me to have. It was so special. Thank you all.

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