Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Just Like That He's Gone

Chuck is back in North Dakota. He left this morning at 8am from Mesa-Gateway Airport and arrived safely at Bismark. He said it was snowy and cold, as usual and he was ready to be back in the warm apartment.

We had so much fun together during his time here. One good thing is he will be back here much quicker this next time. Only two weeks to go. The time we were apart made us really appreciate every day together during this visit. We were able to get a lot of things done and made lots of plans. We have a clear direction for the next several months.

Last night we bunked with my sister Mary at her place in Glendale and went to "Toby Keith's" place for dinner. Her son Nick got a birthday gift from a friend that was specially ordered and as you can see by the picture he was very pleased.


We got to see my niece Stephanie and her family as well as meeting Nick's girlfriend Darlene. It was nice to be with family and Chuck really enjoyed himself.
Chuck was able to spend time with close friends and family which really made the visit very special. It also helped that the UA won their basketball game and stayed undefeated!
I've got more stuff to take care of and will be pretty busy until Chuck comes back.  But that will make the time go faster.

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