Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exit now

This has been a really busy week. I thought I would be able to start winding down and easing up yet I have had so much work to do. It has been interesting and annoying. I would have preferred to have this time to have my replacement shadow me so I could feel confident upon my departure. But there is no replacement at this time and instead I have to train co-workers who already have more than enough to do.  When my position is filled those same co-workers will have to take the time to train the new person.

I don't understand.

Anybody seen the program "Strip The City" on Science channel?  That is a very cool show. I love the visuals.

I know-random.

Chuck's insurance has started which is good since mine will stop when I stop working. Haven't found anyone to take Sasha. I guess we will torture her with our presence. Poor cat, she is stuck with us.

I wish my dad were here.
Yes that's dad with Tedi Bruschi.

Dad would love the idea of going to a new place and finding friends.  Dad could find friends everywhere. There was a youngness of spirit about him and a love of life that helped him overcome a very difficult childhood.  I miss him so much.
One of the things I am planning is a yard sale, we have over twenty years of stuff to clear out before we are ready to have the house ready for vacation renters. I will let everyone know when it happens. The hardest part is getting my husband to let go of things we don't need.  I am good at that but he is very attached to his junk.
Time to de-clutter!

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