Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Night Shift

Chuck has started two weeks of the night shift and I thought I worried about him alot before! I had outrageous and scary nightmares last night. I managed to sleep from about 10:30 to 2:30 and that was it. I was awake and restless. The dogs didn't even stir while I roamed the house.

My dreams were travel dreams with an unknown destination. In each dream there was a catastrophe - the earth would open up in the road before me or a mountain would start sliding down to crush me. I couldn't get away from the disaster happening in front of me.  My last dream was water gusing out of a hillside and onto the road underneath me. I woke when a voice said in my ear "Don't cry!" I felt that it was real.


I am exhausted. I stopped in once I arrived at work and bought a venti white chocolate mocha with soy and an extra espresso shot. Hope that gets me through the afternoon.

On a positive note, my coworkers want to have a farewell party for me! I didn't really expect this but it makes me happy.  I'm glad I will get to say goodbye to friends. I've been at Ventana for over seven years so there are folks I've been through a lot with.  I feel honored.

Moving forward.


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