Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of craziness going on. Aaron and Chelsea came though on their way to Durant, OK. They are settling in and Aaron is already working!! Yay! Chelsea is interviewing so hope that comes through soon. Mom had her 80th birthday on May 24th and we surprised her with a party. It was so fun and she felt very special. She will be leaving on the 15th for her annual pilgrimage to Texas and will return on July 16th. While she's there Aaron and Chelsea hope to come down to Arlington to see her, they want to take her to see the new Dallas Cowboys stadium-I know she will love that. On the 20th I am going to Boston for a conference. Poor Chuck will be all alone with only Mocha and Sasha to care for him. I just hope he doesn't make too much of mess while I'm gone. Before I leave I have to settle with Pima County Courts and Diving School to take care of a speeding ticket I got on River Road. That's what happens when I go south of Ina Road. I hate going into town. If I have to go south of Ina I get pissed off. We are all very happy that the In 'n Out in Oro Valley finally opened. I have to stay away from it or I will weigh 500 lbs. I love their fries and milkshakes. Yum! Chuck cannot get on his farm on Farmville, consequently he got a lot of work done around the house today! Oh well.

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