Saturday, June 21, 2014

I am able to blog again!

After not having internet service for what seems forever we are finally connected. There has been so much going on and I will try to get caught up.

The cold weather has cleared out and it is such a pleasure to enjoy the cool summer temperatures of the northern plains. Everything has turned green and I truly believe this is God's favorite color. The fields are plowed and growing, the trees are fully leafed out and grass and wildflowers are in abundance. The only downside is this has also brought mosquitos. You learn quickly not to walk in the fields without long pants, sock and shoes. Also evenings, which last much longer with daylight savings time, are the times to avoid much outdoor activity.

I was saddened at the loss of a very dear friend. Her passing was magnified by the distance, her being in Tucson, and that it was so unexpected for me. Eileen was such a fun and great companion at work. Chuck and I enjoyed many enjoyable gatherings with Eileen and her husband Robert, good food and better wine. It will be a loss when I next visit Tucson.

Chuck and I have been discussing the future and what the next steps will be for us. There is the chance that I may be able to obtain a position at the same place he works although our schedules would be very different, yet the paycheck will be a bonus.

My nephew Kris has been taking care of our place in Catalina and it is a great comfort to know it is being well cared for. He gives us regular up dates and is very reliable.

I do miss my children-but I hope to have a visit from Melissa in July/August which will be a great pleasure and a chance to show off Tioga. I have explained to people that Tioga is as far from Canada as Tucson is from Mexico. We are adapting.

We did have a close call with a tornado that hit about an hour south of here.

Because of two large lakes, one just south of us in North Dakota and one about two hours east of us in Montana affecting the dynamics of the storms, they tend to go around us. But we have set up between us our tornado strategy for getting what we need quickly and escaping should we have to clear out of this tornado magnet we live in - a trailer! We will get what we would need to establish our identity and survive. Not something I have ever thought about.

We carry on.


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