Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where is home?

I sit here watching television and thinking about making dinner. I am back in Catalina, in the place we've lived since 1991. It is the same yet there is a difference. The filled bookcases and the cabinet holding a collection of shot glasses (Chuck's) and a precious assortment of vinyl albums. I talk as though I was away for more than a few months yet the transition from Tioga back Catalina is a one step at a time thing. When I left for Tioga I disconnected my mind from Catalina. I separated myself from this place and divided my loyalty to the home I made in Arizona and gave some of it to Tioga.

When I got back my sister came over to get Cooper and to bring him back into her home and heart. He never left her heart but was relocated due to difficult circumstances for her, but now he is where he should be. He and Lisa are best friends who need to be together.  It was heart warming to see them together. Lisa's face was so joyful and I could tell they were stepping right back into their places in each other's lives.

After getting everything we brought back unloaded and put away, I had Chuck take out my "Harvest" decorations. I don't do Halloween, and Harvest themes last from Labor Day through Thanksgiving. It was fun to put everything out, and not too cluttered but with enough to display my theme colors. Each item made me smile as I unwrapped the tissue paper and decided where it was to be placed. It is strange to think fall is here and the high temperature forecast for today is 93. At least after today the 90's should be nearly over.  I really don't do hot very well. I like the feeling of cool air on my skin.

I have started looking for a church to attend. Distance is a real consideration for me and there are a variety of churches within a few miles of my house. The one I had been attending before I went to North Dakota has relocated several miles away, south of Ina road and with so many much closer I have decided to look at those for a place to be.

My sleeping had been terrible since I left Tioga. I have had approximately two good nights of sleep since I returned and am trying to find out what is holding back the therapeutic slumber I need. 

I will continue to find my way back home.


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  1. Yay for Lisa and Cooper! Prayers for you as you search for a church. Hoping you can get the rest you need. Love you and I so enjoy your blogs.