Saturday, August 16, 2014

Plans in place

It looks like I will be leaving Tioga the middle of September to move back to Tucson until spring. Next week Chuck and I will be looking at a RV storage facility in Bismarck. The price looks good, definitely a money saver so, when the RV is moved and winterized Chuck and I will head to Catalina.

Chuck has stuff he wants to take care of, like getting things stored properly and securely and cleaning the back half of the acre and some work on the exterior of the house.  He will be making regular trips down when he has his off two weeks. We have decided not to sell it right now, but to make it as good as possible to keep as a winter home for the foreseeable future.

After Chuck was transferred to the Dickinson area I struggled occasionally with being in Tioga by myself. I am perfectly able to be on my own yet I found my self thinking "I moved out of Catalina to here to be able to take care of him in Tioga and now he is in Dickinson three hours away (much longer in the winter) and I am on my own again."  I might as well save the cost of rent and go home for the winter and work on the house. As it is I see him on his off days. We talk on the phone and Skype-I can do this in Catalina.

The confirmation about this decision happened when I applied for a job as a school secretary at the high school. I prayed that if God wanted me in Tioga getting the job would show me. I got a call two days after my interview to say they offered the position to someone else.

I got that message, thank you God.

When I told Chuck about this and an emotional dream I had about Catalina and my attachment to it our thoughts about future plans took a turn. Montana summers and Catalina winters. The Catalina place needs tidying and organizing and an irrigation system installed. It needs paint, the spa repaired and the front brick edifice of a porch finished. It needs to be ready and require minimal care when we are gone. If I need help when he is not there I have my nephews and my neighbors.

This will be the winter work.

We have been making some inquiries into Montana property in the Billings/Red Lodge areas and until we have the place we want I will live in the RV in the summer in an RV park in either Billings or Bismarck.  Both are on I-94 and from Dickinson it is a short drive to Billings for Chuck and a much better and safer one than driving from Dickinson to Tioga. Once we have our Montana land we will get it ready by setting the RV up to live in while we work on it. Chuck also has a large metal building he will set up as a barn/storage building. It is nice to have some plans.

I am finished with living in Arizona in the summer.


p.s. Yard sales

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