Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's next?

Chuck and  I have spent the last three days planning, laughing and getting jobs done. We have been making lists of things he is taking back to Dickinson when he goes back to work and what we will haul back to Tucson. We need to make the RV as light as possible for the trip to Bismarck. It will be easier on the truck.

Chuck will be taking the small refrigerator we put in the RV since he shares a townhouse with 3 guys their fridge is pretty full. He is taking a 15" flat screen TV so he can watch DVD's. This isn't the big one that came with the RV. He will be taking all his clothes and personal things that he had left here.

After he goes back I will have two weeks to get my stuff together. Since the RV won't be going back to Tucson I won't need my cold weather stuff so it will stay.

I am feeling a bit better about him being by himself since he learned from me how to organize his time for laundry, cooking and stuff while I took care of him. Also the good thing about where he is now is the work load is much easier on him physically and he likes his crew. It seems to be a good balance.

Skype is great. It was such a good thing when I was in Catalina and we have used it since he relocated. We don't feel so distant.

I can't believe how well I am sleeping since he got here.

I have bad insomnia, it's pretty chronic. Since he has been here I haven't had it at all. Of course we stay up much too late but I did that before and it didn't help. I get nervous sometimes at night, especially if I hear people walking around. It is close quarters in an RV park. I asked him to put some sort of security lock on the screen door. Cooper is not a dog to bark if someone is walking around or comes to the door so he is no help as a warning.

I will be ok.

I had a chat with my nephew and he said the Catalina place is a jungle of weeds. Since the first of July they have had seven inches of rain!! Of course I leave and we have the best monsoon in years. Was watching video of flooding north of Phoenix. Looks really bad. We are expecting three days of heavy rain here starting tonight. Highs will be in the low 60's and Sunday the low temps are forecasted in the 40's.

This is my kind of weather.


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