Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finding my groove

Greetings all!

Yes I am actually putting something on this blog. I has been a while, a month I think, since my last post. That was after Nick and Darlene's wedding. Things for us have been busy but ok. So far I have been lucky that the heat has held off in Catalina. As I write I am sitting on my back porch with a cup of coffee enjoying a nice cool breeze. I'm a bit nervous about it getting warmer.

Here's why.

It looks like I won't be moving back to North Dakota any time soon. The cost of living there is so high, and we were essentially making two mortgage payments with the RV rental, it didn't make sense for me to live up there when I had a perfectly good house down here. When Chuck was relocated three hours away and I was spending two weeks alone every month I thought "Why? I could do this much cheaper in Catalina." It's actually cheaper for him to fly home every two weeks than for me to live up there!

But I miss North Dakota, especially Tioga. I really loved that little town. I discovered so much about myself while I was there and expected to live there the whole time Chuck was employed at PDI. I had started making friends, actually looking for work, blogging and being a stay-at-home wife. I enjoyed it so much.  Tioga was welcoming and sweet. I loved the church I went to and the weather was right up my alley. Now I am back.

One thing I began while living up there was my second blog. is my writers blog and has been taking up much of my time and blogging creativity. I hope to make some contacts within the writing and blogging communities with it and perhaps get an audience for my writing. I know several of you are following both and for that I am grateful. And as with any blog, be sure to sign up as followers. It helps my visibility. It will be more of my focus and consequently I won't be doing as much with this one. More than likely I will post here a couple of times a month, unless big personal news happens.

Speaking of news, I was able to spend ten days in southern California in the end of March and first of April house sitting for Melissa. I made a discovery. I really like being by the ocean. I went to the beach at least five times and each time I spent several hours there. My heart and my spirit were calm. All of the stress of the past months left once my feet slipped into the sand of Zuma Beach. I'm sure I was smiling like a mad scientist. I had my big towel (more the size of a twin bed blanket,) a green beach chair, my favorite sun screen, my backpack with snacks, my Kindle and my phone. Good to go. What I also discovered is my husband is just like me. We are water lovers. We are the get-me-to-the-water people. Streams, lakes, oceans and pools. That's relationship symmetry. Now the future for retirement is reshaping itself.

I will do my best to keep everyone as updated as possible with the Chuck and Nancy thing.

Love to all.


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