Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update time

It's been a busy few weeks. Chuck was here for the first of the month and he was extremely busy getting our outside ready for Kris and Heather to have a graduation party for Kristopher here at our place.  It is a little different for me since I am not throwing this party and will essentially be the venue for it.  We have a lot of outdoor space and with all the lights and tables and stuff it is a good place to have a big party.  I just wish our deck was finished. We are planning on installing flagstone but just couldn't afford that before the party. 

I am making new covers for the outdoor furniture to brighten it up and draw it together. Chuck moved some of the fencing to make it easy to flow from the front to the back. They are going to take advantage of almost all of the outdoor space. I am so honored and happy they have chosen to do it here.

Chuck and I have been thinking about, and are in the beginning stages of having a yard sale. It's been a while since I've done one and I'm trying to figure out how to proceed: what is first? how to get it ready? where to hold it? do I advertise or are "day of" signs enough? and so on. We have a shed full of stuff designated for yard sale items and once those things are gone we can get rid of that shed. This is one of the steps in trying to get things cleaned up in the back half of the acre.

Chuck had a crazy experience with his flight back to Dickinson this past Sunday. His flight left from Phoenix on time and stopped in Denver for a layover. He sent me a text that he was there and settled in to wait. I heard from him that he was boarding.  Later he sent me a text that they were returning to the airport and delayed due to "maintenance issues" but hadn't deplaned. Then another text that they were deplaning, then the text that the flight was cancelled!! He was stuck in Denver and there were no more flights Sunday night. It took him two hours to get a hotel voucher and by the time he was settled down it was nearly 2am. Then he was up in time to be at the airport to be on standby for the earliest flight out. When he didn't get that one he called me and we spoke for a while and I told him I would pray that he would get on the 2:30 flight which was the next one to Dickinson. It was already overbooked and he had no idea he could get on it.

After I spoke to him I stopped right then and prayed that God would make it possible for him to catch that flight and because Chuck needed the travel stress relieved before he went back to work. It was about thirty minute later he called me and I could hear that he was having a conversation with someone in the background. When he spoke to me he said he met this guy that had been through the same thing as him and had a flight booked for the next day (Tuesday) and had spoke to the gate personnel who told him they would easily put him on the 2:30 flight. He told Chuck to go over and talk to them and once he did he was booked on the 2:30 flight! Thank you God.

Time to start on the covers for the outdoor furniture. I have four days to get them ready!


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