Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mom's courage

Many of you know that my mom lives with us. It isn't always a picnic, but there are times when it is special. Yesterday mom had her first of two cataract surgeries. Her left eye was repaired, and she is doing pretty well. It is times like this that I see how much she is aging. So many people comment how young at heart she is and this is really true. But her body has decided to stop cooperating. She takes six meds a day, three in the morning and three at night. Yet...when I told her that Aaron would give up his bed for her if she wanted to join us on our trip to LA she declined. Her reasoning was that since she is still healing she wanted to be near home and her doctor should there be a problem. I know she would like to be in LA, but she knows that my sister, Lisa, would drop everything to help her. Also, Kris and Heather, as well as Josh are more than willing to be there for her. So... she is gonna go it on her own (with Mocha) and handle things herself. She sounds like me.

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