Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We made it home from California, it took us hours to get across from West Hills to Palm Springs. I think everyone who had come out there headed back with us. It was insane. We got home Sunday night around midnight. Yikes! Hard to get up for work the next day. But fortunately I only had a two day work week-sweeeeeet!! Some of the fun we had was going to Corbin Bowl on Ventura Blvd and doing karaoke. Chelsea and Aaron both sing incredibly well so I was extremely proud to hear them. Chelsea sang a song I had never heard before called "Gunpowder and Lead" and from the response of the crowd she nailed it. There were a table full of women who were there to "celebrate" either a breakup, divorce or something because everysong that was a militant female anthem was met with huge applause. However....when Aaron did the Michael Buble "Try A Little Tenderness" they were swaying along, enjoying his voice. Here are some pics from that night.This is Chelsea rocking the house. She did such a great job. Here is Aaron making them swoon. He sounded so great. Of course I have no bias in this at all. There was this guy there who sang the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing" and he was incredible. We all were so impressed. As soon as Chelsea sends me the pics I will show you my visit to Hollywood. Chelsea was the only one who would go with me! She will be a very good daughter-in-law, I can tell already.

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