Friday, April 4, 2014

The Snow and Santa Claus!

Greetings all!

Yesterday we woke to a nice snow. It was a Tioga snow so no huge drifts up against the front door, but there was about 3". It is such a refreshing, welcoming feeling to walk in the snow on such a nice day. 

Looking south.

Looking north.

We ran some errands, went out to Chuck's worksite so he could drop off some papers for his supervisor and let Cooper romp in the wheat fields covered in snow. He loves the snow but not the cold paws after. We have him mostly trained to come in and go directly to the rug by the front door and wait there while we remove his leash and wipe and dry his paws. Then goes and lays down in front of the fireplace.

He found a toy outside with fabric that actually matches his bed-only Cooper could do that.

Today, Friday is very nice and the temperature is to run into the 40's!  Chuck picked up the parts he ordered from the hardware store and will be able to put together a permanent (for an RV) sewer drainage system. We have two holding tanks so he has to tie the two together so he can drain both. I will be very glad to get the skirting put up because my little trailer will really be warm then.  It is very comfortable now and the skirting will add the extra insulation to the underside. 

We met the most wonderful and colorful man in the post office this morning. His name is Ron and he looked like Santa Claus. He was born and raided in Tioga and knew everyone who walked through the door. He said he liked to meet new folks and while we were chatting a young woman walked by and said "Hi Gabby!" He laughed and my good opinion of him just added to my attachment to Tioga.

This afternoon Chuck is working on our taxes and I am blogging and doing laundry.  We are enjoying evenings of suppers, movies and reading. I guess that shows we are old folks. Up north here there is breakfast, dinner and supper. Nobody uses the word lunch and I am trying to get it into my head.

We are doing well and feeling blessed.


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