Monday, April 14, 2014

Washington DC

I have had the most exciting, emotional and patriotic adventure of my life. I cannot express how much I enjoyed my visit to our nation's capital.  I was privileged to be allowed to join a group of my daughter's students from West Valley Christian school on their eight grade field trip.  It was also my first time to see the wonderful city and the experience of seeing for myself, first hand, the place where the Declaration of Independence rests or the garment that Abraham Lincoln wore when he was assassinated moved my American spirit.

Those southern California kids were very much out of their element!

One lovely bonus was that the day we arrived the cherry blossoms began to bloom almost as a gift to us from the founding fathers. They continued to bloom during our visit and were full and brilliant by the time we departed. It was truly breathtaking.

Thank you God.

All of the photos I've seen of Washington D.C. do not do justice to the majesty of the monuments, memorials and the grand buildings. How the marble of the columns and steps gleamed and the green lawns were a lush emerald.

My heart swelled at the sight of the huge "Star Spangled Banner" carefully displayed in the American History Museum. The Smithsonian Castle was magnificent and the National Cathedral held me captivated by the sunlight shining through the beautiful stained glass and the ornate spires reaching up so freely into the blue skies.

The builders of these edifices had such design inspiration. I cannot comprehend the mind that would dream these.

Chuck asked me which one I would go back to if I could only visit one and I had to say it would be the Capital Building, then I said the Jefferson Memorial, then I said Ford's Theater, but wait Mount Vernon was spectacular and so was Williamsburg. Finally I realized I could not pick one. They all held special thoughts and feeling for me. 

But I think the best part was sharing the experience with my daughter.

She is an encyclopedia of American history. The students and adults were amazed by her knowledge and I was so very proud.

Pictures to come.


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