Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tioga, North Dakota

Chuck and I have found so much to attach ourselves to in this little town. For Chuck it reminds him of Kearny, AZ where he was raised. Kearny is a mining town and I cannot count how many times he will say "this reminds me of Kearny."

I have set up my prescriptions at Tioga Drug. They were very accommodating and friendly, typically, and I am now an official Tioga Drug customer. The owner is Tim and he also the pharmacist. He took special care to explain if the tablets look a bit different they are indeed the same product but from a different company. I reassured him that I understood.  He is a very nice man.

Chuck has taken a liking to "Hardware Hanks" and they usually have everything he has looked for or ordered for him what they didn't. It is a cozy little store with a friendly home town staff. Each visit includes listening to the folks who come by just for a visit.

They gives out freshly popped popcorn!

We have rented a PO box here in Tioga so that makes us as close to residents as we can be without actually pulling up stakes in Catalina. Our mail has been on hold since March 6th so I am sure I will have a box full when the change of address is in effect.

Chuck was able to hook up the sewer at our new space and I can tell you it was a delight to flush the toilet and not worry about filling up the holding tanks. Because we have sewer we can also now turn on the water.  It really is the simple things in life that make it complete.

Cooper is having some promising moments but then, like a switch will go off he becomes clueless. It is hard to have the extra worry and we are still considering giving him up.  We are not allowed the freedom to travel much because of him. Our travel costs will increase because he would have to be boarded, and in such small quarters as the RV he is underfoot quite often. We know of no one here with the ability to keep him for us. Company apartments do no allow any pets. I don't really know anyone well enough yet to be comfortable allowing them to stay in my little trailer so thus my dilemma.

After blogging about my train here in Tioga, Chuck and I were stopped by a passing train in town yesterday afternoon. I took some photos of "my" train.

This is looking south. Over the tracks and half a mile then left and I am home. 

This is looking west. I am very curious to see what these trees look like in the spring.

The dark tankers are carrying oil from the Bakken oil fields.

There is still a lot of farming around here and the sound of farming equipment, tanker trucks and boots are all familiar to me now. 

Sunday will be a month since I left Catalina.


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