Monday, September 8, 2014

FICM and Polar Vortex

I ordered the part for the Truck yesterday. It is the FICM, a type of truck computer and that puppy is not cheap. I was told they would ship it today by next day mail, and that is good since I have to get it and drive it down to Dickinson so Chuck can install it.  Then the old one will be returned for a refund of the core charge.  This is all rather a nuisance but it is necessary.  If we can keep the truck going for a while longer that will be very helpful financially. Of our three vehicles we are only making car payments on one of them. 

Besides the fact that I will have to transport the part to Dickinson once it arrives is that it is expected to arrive while a very cold spell is to be here.  Not exactly a polar vortex type of storm, snow is not expected, but it will be below freezing over night Wednesday and Thursday. I would rather not be driving back with the iffy roads even though the Explorer is a great vehicle with 4wd.

It looks like folks in and around Phoenix should start watching for an ark. My sister living there has posted photos of flooding. The hard desert ground can only handle so much rain at a time and many roads are closed. Tucson has seen flooding like this in the past. 1983 and 1993 both had what were called "100 year" floods.  Both were also related to low pressure weather activity from the Pacific.

Time to do some laundry.


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