Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two week countdown!

Chuck left for Dickinson to start his next two weeks on and I have my two weeks to get the RV ready for storage and determine what comes to Catalina and what stays in the trailer. Started with cleaning and sorting, there is a lot to do however, it is for the most part, the same thing. Personal items. 

Clothes and shoes, vitamins, tools and media.

I've been scheduling in my mind the logistics for moving from here to Tucson. The mail -  we have a PO box and mail forwarding. Close the box first then stop forwarding, or stop forwarding then close the box. What to keep in the RV while in storage - it will be freezing so I have to make sure any liquids are out of the trailer. Will dish soap freeze?

It was 49 this morning.

Chuck took most of his stuff to Dickinson, he has a very full room. He likes clutter. It comforts him in a way I cannot understand. To me space is clean. I don't want a counter full of stuff. Put it in a cabinet or pantry. If there is nothing on the counters it is easy to clean.  Chuck would have every appliance we have on the counters. They would be full and there would be no work surfaces.

If I'm not using it I don't want to look at it.

This is also why I don't want him cooking. I clean as I go so that once I am finished with the process the only item left is dirty dishes and many times I've done those along the way as well.  He will use every bowl, pan and utensil he can and they will be left in the sink, not rinsed, until I get to them. To me this says "Nancy clean this up" and thus my no cooking rule for him when we are together.

This also applies to the dishwasher.

Chuck's philosophy - it is a dishwasher so why wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? He is referring to rinsing them prior to placement. I told him I always rinse the dishes before washing even if I am washing by hand. You would think he would understand that un-rinsed dish debris clogs the drainage tubes but he insists it is dissolves before it drains if the dishwasher is any good.

It is an ongoing debate.

Let's not even go into clothes washing. Just suffice to say he has killed a few washers by loading them so full and making them so heavy they don't agitate.

But he's mine!


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